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Fox Public Schools
P.O. Box 248
100 Creek Avenue
Fox, Oklahoma 73435

Tues – Fri

8:00 - 4:00

Phone: 580-673-2081
Fax: 580-673-2389
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The philosophy of Fox Schools is to provide learning opportunities for the development of each student to his/her fullest potential. This is best expressed by promoting academic achievement and positive self-concepts. Students are encouraged to develop and utilize their talents and abilities in an effort to promote their physical and social well-being. Students should develop an appreciation of the democratic ideal with realization and acceptance of their civic responsibilities. Students are given the opportunity to accept individual responsibility, develop self-discipline, and make constructive use of their leisure time.

It is expected that students view the school as a supportive and well-organized place in which to work and learn. It is the general belief that when opportunities arise, the school, home, and community should work together in the educational process to create in the student a desire for learning. Emphasis on the necessity of learning in order to cope with the diverse and complex problems of daily living is an important part of the educational process.

The Fox Foxes would like to wish you a Merry Christmas

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