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                                                Constitution of the Fox Student Council


Article I:  Name

The name of the organization shall be:  The Fox High School Student Council.

Article II:  Purpose

The principal purpose of this organization shall be:

  1. To unify all student organizations under one general control;
  2. To develop student initiative, leadership, and democracy;
  3. To promote the general welfare of the students and to promote school spirit;
  4. To aid all new students in getting acquainted with the school, student, and teachers;
  5. To promote close cooperation of students, faculty, and community;
  6. To create an interest in all activities of the school and community;
  7. To create and maintain standards of good citizenship and leadership among the students.

Article III:  Membership

Section 1.        Any student who would like to run for membership of the Fox Student Council must have at least a 3.25 grade point average.  In order to run for Student Council an application must be made on time at the time and date specified by the Student Council advisor(s).  An application may be obtained from the Student Council advisor(s) and will require parental signatures.

Section 2.        All members of the Student Council and candidates for Student

Council must be passing in every subject and be worthy of the responsibility by their character, leadership and citizenship.  This applies to the preceding semester as well as the present.

Any member on the ineligible list is off the council until he/she submits a statement verifying the fact that he/she is passing.  If any member is on the ineligible list two times during a semester, he/she will be taken off the council permanently and will be replaced by an alternate.

Section 3.        The active membership of all members of the Student Council shall expire upon their graduation, withdrawal from school, or at the end of the school session.

Section 4.        All members of the Student Council shall take the following pledge during a meeting of the Student Council:

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the duties of my office as a Student Council member and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and work for the good of Fox School.”

Section 5.        The Student Council advisor, appointed by the school, shall be an honorary member of the council.

Section 6.        In case a member of the Student Council is guilty of conduct

unworthy of this organization, the Student Council advisor(s) shall first advise him/her.  If after meeting with the advisor(s), he/she persists in his unworthy conduct, his/her case shall be referred to the Advisor(s) and Principal for final action.

Section 7.        A member may resign by submitting a written resignation to the Student Council at a regular meeting approved by a majority of the members present.

Article IV:  Student Council Officers

Section 1.        The officers of the Student Council shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Reporter.  These officers shall be elected by the high school student body that they will serve.  Their length of service is one school term.  In the case of a student being elected to a district or state office, and not being elected to the local Student Council office, they shall serve as an honorary officer for the local Student Council.

If for some reason the person elected can not take over his elected office there shall be a new election; however, should the President  serve as much as one day of the elected term, then retire from office, the Vice-President will assume the duties for the remainder of the year. 

Section 2.        All elected officers shall come from the sophomore, junior or

senior class and maintain a 3.5 or higher grade point average. In addition to the application a 1-2 page essay will be required by each officer candidate. 

A topic for the essay will be given by the Student Council advisor(s) and will likely regard that person’s leadership abilities or their interests and reasoning in becoming a Student Council officer.

Section 3.        Elections will be held during a high school assembly during which each candidate will read their written essay. Ballots will be issued at the end of the assembly and be tallied by the Student Council advisor(s) in the principal’s office.  If a run-off is required, voting will take place the following day in the annex before school and during lunch.  Notice of elected officers will be posted on the high school office window as soon as final voting is completed.  Offices will be assigned based on the number of votes received with President receiving the most.

Section 4.        Any student council member who meets the qualifications as stated above and is elected to an office must attend BASICS and/or ADVANCED (OAAC leadership camp) during the summer prior to their elected term. The cost of these camps will be covered by the Student Council account, however, each member must sign a commitment letter to attend the week-long camp.  In the event that an officer does not attend the camp after registration has been paid they will be required to re-pay the student council for the money lost.  This repayment may be waived by the advisors if unpreventable emergency circumstances arose to prevent attendance to the camp.

Article V:  Representatives

Section 1.        The Student Council shall consist of six officers (see section 1 of Article IV) and fifteen representatives elected in the spring preceding their year of service.  There shall be two representatives elected from each of the following: freshmen class, sophomore class, junior class, senior class, girl sports, and boy sports.  There shall also be one representative from FFA, FCCLA, and Band. Each representative must meet all the qualifications established in this constitution to be eligible to serve.  The Student Council advisor(s) will supply each class/organization a list of eligible  candidates each fall.

Article VI:  Meetings

Section 1.    There shall be one mandatory meeting each month.  The officers, with the approval of the Principal and Advisor(s), shall decide the time and place.  Any member of the Student Council, with the approval of the Advisor(s) and Principal, may call special meetings.

Section 2.   At regular or special meetings a quorum will be required to be present to vote on a motion.  (One-half the council plus one constitutes a quorum.)

Section 3.  The method of voting shall be left up to the President.

Article VII:  Duties of Officers

Section 1.        The President

A.Shall preside at all meetings of the council.

B.Shall vote only in case of a tie.

C.Shall appoint committees.

D.Shall preside over programs presented at the school

E.Shall preside at Interclub Council meetings.

F.Shall work with the advisor and parliamentarian in preparing the agenda for each meeting.

Section 2.        The Vice-President

A.Shall preside over Student Council in the absence of the President.

B.Shall assist in matters for which the President shall call him on.

C.Shall assume leadership to see that all committee chairpersons report regularly.

D.Shall assume other responsibilities as assigned by the president.

Section 3.        The Secretary

A.Shall keep a written record of the minutes of each meeting of the council.

B.Shall call roll at each meeting and read the minutes from the previous meeting.

Section 4.        The Treasurer

A.Shall work with the president and advisor on the budget.

B.Shall keep account of all money take in and spent by the council.

C.Shall coordinate fund-raising projects with the appropriate committee.

Section 5.        The Parliamentarian

                       A. Shall take attendance at regular and special meetings.

                       B. Shall work with advisor to set the agenda.

                       C. Shall assist the secretary as needed.

                       D. Shall keep track of and notifying the student and advisor of un-excused meeting absences.

Section 6.        The Reporter

                      A. Shall be responsible for press releases and publicity with school and community media and keep a                                          scrapbook of the year’s activities.

Article VIII:  Committees

   Section 1.     Various standing committees composed of members of the student council may be authorized for particular                            services and functions as deemed necessary.

   Section 2.     The President shall appoint a chairman and members of each committee from student council members.

   Section 3.     Committees may be established and old committees may be dissolved as conditions may justify.

   Section 4.     An executive committee shall be composed of the President, Vice-President, and Secretary.  The executive                            committee shall decide on a decision when it is not possible for the council to meet.         

Article IX:  Amendments

The constitution may be amended by three-fourths vote of the membership of the Student Council at any regular meeting and by the majority of the student body members voting, provided the amendment has been submitted in writing at the preceding meeting after having the approval of both Principal and Sponsor.

Article X:  Provisions

This constitution shall officially go into effect after it has been passed by a three-fourths vote of the membership of the Student Council and approved by the Principal.  For the 2013-2014 school term the elections will take place immediately following school board approval and all members will serve until the next election in late spring which will elect new officers for the next school term.  Beginning with the 2014-2015 class / organization representatives will be selected in the fall and new officer elections will be held yearly in late spring.